-Pink Lemonade (Row 1: 8 and 9 inch pads)

-Yurtcraft (Row 2: 8 and 9 inch pads)

-Matersum (Row 2: minipads)

-Just Fussy (Row 3: liners, wingless Moonbows, and pads)

-Natural Blue Cloud (Row 4: liner, regular pad, heavy pad)

-Party In My Pants (PIMPS) (Row 4: mini liner, small pad, luxe liner, and super pad)

I will review one brand at a time over the coming weeks. While each pad has its pro’s and con’s, and I certainly have my most and least favorites, it is worth noting these are my favorite brands for the time being: though I’m looking forward to trying a couple new brands soon!

There are other brands I have tried that I won’t even waste my time to review: not worth wasting any more time on them! The reviews of those pads would pretty much boil down to: don’t waste your money on poorly designed pads, and instead try one of these six brands listed here!